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  • Moyamoya Disease
  • Congenital Facial Palsy
  • Calf Pseudohypertrophy
  • Intracranial Granuloma
  • MSUD
  • PVNH
  • BCECTs-Rolandic Epilepsy
  • NHBI
  • Focal Epilepsy
  • Brachial Plexopathy
  • Tuberous Sclerosis
  • Absence Epilepsy


Acute Infantile Encephalopathy Predominantly Affecting the Frontal Lobes (AIEF)
Neurocognitive And Neurobehavioral Disabilities in Epilepsy with Electrical Status Epilepticus in Slow Sleep (ESES) and Related Syndromes.
Nonparaneoplastic Anti - N - Methyl D - Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis : A Case Series of Four Children
Biotinidase Deficiency Presenting as Recurrent Myelopathy in a 7 - Year - Old Boy and a Review of the Literature
Spectrum of MECP2 Gene Mutatios in a Cohort of Indian Patients with Rett Syndrome : Report of two Novel Mutations
Novel Mutations in Cyclin - Dependent Kinase - Like 5 (CDKL5) Gene in Indian Cases of Rett Syndrome
Diseases that Masquerade Neurology 1
Diseases that Masquerade Neurology 2
Diseases that Masquerade Neurology 3
Diseases that Masquerade Neurology 4

Talks / Conferences

January to June 2014
Panelist for 'Localisation of CNS Lesion', PEDICON 8 - 12 January, Indore
Talk on 'First Seizure', Pediatric Update, 9th March, KGP Children Hospital, Vadodara
Attended Neurology Update, 21 - 23 February, Mumbai
Talk on 'Status Epilepticus', Pediatric Neurology CME, Vadodara, 19th April
Talk on 'Child Not Doing Well In School', Pediatric Neurology CME, Anand, 18th April
Moderator for 'NeuCon' 17 - 18 May 2014, Mumbai
July to December 2014
Talk on "Case Illustrations And Overview Of IEM". Sumandeep Hospital, Pipadiya, Vadodara, 16th July
Talk on "Pediatric Neurology - Interesting Cases". Dahod,Gujarat, 5th September
Attended "Neuropedicon" 10 - 12 October, Pune, Maharashtra
Talk on "My Child Is Not Doing Well In School" at COMPANION, Vadodara, 30th November
Attended PET 1 and Training for Trainer’s course by British Pediatric Neurology Association at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 20 - 22 November
Talk on "Pediatric Neurology - Interesting cases". Bharuch, Gujarat, 9th December
January to June 2015
Talk on Brain Growth in Children, at the department of Human Development and Family Studies, M.S. University, Vadodara, 4th April
Faculty for Prophylaxis - AED at AWESOME, Vadodara, 26th April
Chairperson for Recent Advances in Epilepsy at APIDIAS, Vadodara, 26th April
CME on Pediatric Neurology cases at Godhra, 30th April
Attended and Presented at Pediatric Neurology Conclave, Kochi, 22nd - 24th May
Organized and Delivered Talks at PEDIATRIC EPILEPSY, CME, Vadodara, 21st June
Talk of Childhood Headache / Migraine Variants at Gujarat Headache Update, Sumandeep Hospital, Vadodara, 28th June
July to December 2015
Faculty for the Pediatric Epilepsy Training (PET) Course, Indore, 23rd August
Attended VAPCON 2015, (Vadodara Annual Pediatric Conference), Vadodara, 4th October
CME on Pediatric Epilepsy, Vadodara, 16th October
January to June 2016
Talk on "White Matter Diseases" at PEDICON, Hyderabad, 21st January
Attended International Child Neurology Congress, Chennai, 22nd & 23rd January
Faculty for Paediatric Epilepsy Training Course (PET1), Surat, 13rd March
Panel Discussion at "Awesome". Topic - Child not doing well in School, Vadodara, 24th April
July to December 2016
Delivered Lecture on "Classification of Seizures" and "Antiepileptic Drugs" at Dhiraj Hospital, 22nd July
Attended Neuromuscular update on Mumbai, 11th August
Lecture at Pediatric Neurology CME, Ratlam, 24th September
Faculty at PET 1 Course at NEUROPEDICON, Ahmedabad, 7th and 8th October
Event 26th January 2016
Child Neurology and Epilepsy Clinic hosted an event for Children with Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Slow - learners and Borderline Intellectual Disabled Children.
This event comprised of a Drawing Competition, for which the kids were provided with art supplies and they had a fun filled 2 hours of colours, imagination and creativity.
This event was combined with a talk session provided by team of PRATHAM, an NGO in Mumbai who has been trying to streamline Open - schooling for special children by a strong support from The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
Parents were given valuable Information on Parenting and Open Schooling and their queries were catered to.
26th January 2016 turned out to be informative and creative for these families.
Event 16th July 2016
Child Neurology & Epilepsy Clinic arranged an event on awareness among parents on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and slow learners on 16th July 2016.
Parents were addressed by Dr. Amrita Shah, MD, Psychiatrist and Vandana Sadhale, counsellor along with Dr. Sarbani Raha, MD, Pediatric Neurologist.
This event included an interactive session for parents, where their personal queries related to their child were solved as well as a drawing competition for the children.
Most parents were glad to learn about these Developmental Disorders and learn ways to manage Behavioural and Academic issues of their Child.
January to December 2017
Attended 8th National Child Neurology Conference - Child Neurocon, New Delhi, 3 - 5th February
Pediatric Neurological Disorders CME, Baroda, 30th April
Attended International update in Neurology, Kochi, 7th July
VAPCON, Baroda, 10th September
2nd Malaysian Pediatric Movement Disorders Symposium, Malaysia, 19th and 20th September
Bharuch Pediatric Neurology CME, 17th November
Event 7th January 2017
Child Neurology & Epilepsy Clinic arranged an event on awareness among parents on Intellectual Disability & ADHD - 'Enjoying Your Child's Childhood' on 7th Jan 2017. Parents were addressed by Dr. Avnish Dave, Behaviour Therapist & Counsellor along with Dr. Sarbani Raha, MD, Pediatric Neurologist. This event included an interactive session for parents where their personal queries related to their child were solved and a drawing competition for the children.
Event 2nd December 2017
Child Neurology & Epilepsy Clinic arranged an event on "AWARENESS PROGRAMME AMONG Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & SLOW LEARNER" on 2nd Dec 2017. Parents were addressed by Dr. Amrita Shah, MD, Psychiatrist & Vandana Sadhale, Special Educator along with Dr. Sarbani Raha, MD, Pediatric Neurologist. This event included an interactive session for parents where their personal queries related to their child were solved and intellectual activities were carried by Suchi Shah, Counselor, for the children.
January to June 2018
Conference in Ashirwad Hospital, Baroda, 17th January
Neurology update, Bombay, 16th and 18th February
Presentation in Bhailalamin Hospital, Baroda, 13th March
World Autism Awareness Day, Penal discussion in Medical College, Gotri, Baroda, 7th April
Managing Epilepsy in Infancy and Childhood, Taj Santacruz Hotel, Bombay, 8th April
National Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Symposium, Pune, 21st and 22nd April
CME on Seizures- "What we must know", Dahod, 16th May
CME on Role of Therapists in Pediatric Neurology in Isha Hospital, Baroda, 30th June
Event 2nd June 2018
Child Neurology & Epilepsy Clinic arranged an event on "SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN" on 2nd June 2018. This event included an interactive session by :
  • Unnati Desai and Nisarg Pathak (Occupational Therapists)
  • Kashmira Shah, Koshish- Learning centre (Culinary skills)
  • Charu Srivastav (Art & Craft activity)
  • Gira Chokshi (Swimming)
  • Abhay Sir (Music)
Parents got an opportunity to learn about these Skill Developing Activities and learn ways to manage behavioural issues of their child. Parents were also address by Dr. Sarbani Raha, MD, Pediatric Neurologist.
Children enjoyed doing art and craft activities, ending the day with snacks.
July to December 2018
Guillain - Barre Syndrome, Lemon Tree Hotel, Baroda, 11th July
CME, Cochin, 13th and 14th July
Fine Weekend Epilepsy Course 2018, Mumbai, 17th and 18th August
CME on Paediatric Neuro, Anand, 21st August
Pediagenie 2018, ISCON Club, Bhavnagar, 16th September
International Child Neurology Congress, Mumbai, 14th to 18th November
CME on Anti Epileptic Drug, Bharuch, 27th December
January to June 2019
CME on Genetics and Pead. Neurology, Baroda, 26th January
Pedicon 2019, Bombay, 7th February
July to December 2019
American British course in Neuroradiology 2019, CME Vellore in Chennai, 11-12th October
Event 2019
Child Neurology & Epilepsy Clinic arranged an event on Counseling Sessions and Vocational Training for parents of special kids. Parents queries were solved by Dr. Sarbani Raha (MD, Pediatric Neurologist), Ronak Pandit (Clinical Psychologist), Kashmira Sheth (Special Educator) along with Sujata Ajmera (Special Educator). The session was interesting as well as interactive.
For kids there was a drawing competition which they enjoyed a lot with their Beautiful Paintings.
All parents were glad to learn about these training and learn ways to manage and taking special of their special kids.
July to December 2020
Pearls in Paediatric Neurology, 14th July
Child Neurologist Group, Gujarat, 26th August
Pediatric Potpourri , IAP Cochin and IAP Kerala, 30th September
Moderator for Annual Scientific Meet, MB - Connect, Mumbai, 4th October
Role of perampanel in Younger Adolescent CME Program, 7th October
EPNEMM, 22nd November
Medical Care Centre Trust Kashiben Gordhandas Patel Children Hospital : E-Inauguration
Event 2021
DMD Parents Meeting (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) :
A meeting was held in Kashiba Children Hospital on 27th Aug 2021 at 6 pm. It was addressed by Dr. Priyanshu Mathur - Rare Disease Specialist, Dr. Sarbani Raha - Pediatric Neurologist, Meeta Saxena - Occupational Therapist. Parents were very happy with their queries solved and they received all the required information. The meeting ended with drinks and snacks!!
Event 2022
Cerebral Palsy awareness program for parents and caregivers was organised on 7th Jan 2022 between 3 - 5 pm at KGP Children Hospital Conference Hall.
  • Children were attended by Special Educator / Nursing Staff.
The meeting was addressed by :
  • Dr. Sarbani Raha, MD, Pediatric Neurologist
  • Dr. Kirti Ramnani, M.B.B.S, M.S. (Orthopedic)
  • Dr. Nidhi Saini, Ped. Gastroenterolgist
  • Dr. Sargam Kotecha, MDS, Paedodontist in KGP Children Hospital
  • Dr. Ronak Pandit, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Meeta Saxena, Consultant Physiotherapist in KGP Children Hospital
  • Dr. Meera Thanawala Parikh, (PT) MPTh in Neuro Pediatric Physiotherapy, C/NDT, SI Therapist
Speech was on a multi disciplinary approach care in Cerebral Palsy, what is wrong in a child diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy, how to manage the Musculoskeletal Abnormalities, Constipation Management, Oral Hygiene, Physiotherapy (physical or Occupational).
Making a CP - Friendly Home environment is important.
All parents were glad and happy to learn about this care taking ways to manage Cerebral Palsy.
Event 2022
Program For Special Needs Kids
  • Was organised on 29th July , 3:00 pm at KGP Children Hospital, Karelibaug
Topic : Performance by Special Needs Children
  • Time : 3:05 pm
Topic : 'Parents Please Relax'
  • Time : 3:10 pm
  • Speaker : Mrs. Kanan Parikh (Vishranti Counseling Centre)
Topic : Q & A
  • Time : 3:45 pm
Topic : Positive Parenting
  • Time : 4:05 pm
  • Speaker : Dr. Avneesh Dave (Samarthya Clinic)
Topic : Q & A
  • Time : 4:30 pm
Topic : Sports for Special Needs Children
  • Time : 4:50 pm
  • Speaker : Others - Sports Teacher
For Kids: Workshops were held in :
  • Cooking (No-Fire)
  • Dancing
  • Paper Bag Making
  • Rakhi Making
The program was well attended and well received by both parents and the children.
January to December 2022
Faculty at 12th AOCN Annual Conference - Child Neurocon 2022, Ahmedabad, 25 - 27th Feb 2022
CME on CASES in Pediatric Neurology, Bharuch, 25th Aug 2022
Faculty at Pulse Module, AOPV, Vadodara, 31st July
Approach to Child with Seizure, PECART Action plan by IAP, Vadodara, 11th Sept 2022.
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